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1. The speaker emphasises that school that is the fossil, that helps "bureaucratic administrative machine created by Victorians" run, appears to be obsolete now. But here is another question;"Is the knowing obsolete?" It's my firm conviction that it is. Knowing is the thing that distinguishes homo sapiens. Our main goal should be nothing but creating environment for educational self-organization. There's always room for improvement and to show a marked improvement we should make our best to create precondition for effective learning, to motivate future generation to become a leading authority majoring in their field, not just complete a degree.
2.The gist of this "report" is obvious. All children are different and diverse. Some are eager beavers, they are quick learners as well as have mental agility and others hardly manage to keep up with the rest, they burn the midnight oil but still don't make the grade. I honestly think that every child is a gifted one. We just have to tailor learning to individual needs and do not allow these children to be given a raw deal. 
3. To grasp the importance of changing the system of education, Ministry of Education should customize it to individual needs. Thus, it will give the opportunity to develope children's natural talents. The authority must encourage students to be thirsty for knowledge, not for passing exams with flying colours. Teachers or instructors musn't give their students tedious tasks to accomplish but to help them learn those things they are willing to. 

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Emotions, sincere feelings are the things that can be hardly controlled. You can either try to bottle your innermost thoughts up or simply wear your heart on your sleeve, in any case it will be obvious what you feel. When you are sick and tired of being carried away with promises, you feel down in the dumps.You have your face frowned and it seems to be impossible to make you feel ecstatic.  When you have a strong sense of achievement, you feel on top of the world and your smile will disclose your true emotions.  All in all, your every face expression, gesture and even slight emotion will reveal your secrets for you.

It's a soundtrack of my favourite movie. Every time I hear this melody I feel thrilled to bits but it makes me so inspired and contended. I am in a state of euphoria and feel myself on the top of the world. The grin from ear to ear appears on its own. It always makes my day, So, enjoy :)

вторник, 7 марта 2017 г.

To begin with, it appears to be significant to know Latin and Greek. No doubt, you will not use it as a spoken language but as an opportunity to improve your English skills. I mean English literally has its roots in Latin and Greek. Approximately 90% of all English words have Latin and Greek roots. If you know them, you will automatically make assossiations with them. So that, you will be able to guess the meaning of the word with a remarkable ease. For instance, you know the prefix bi (meaning two). When you hear the word "bilingual", you can guess that it is someone who speaks two languages. To sum up, having deep knowledge in Latin will make the process of studying foreign languages easier.
Text "History Lessons" p. 122-123

понедельник, 27 февраля 2017 г.

Dear Kate,

I know you are as motivated about learning English as I am and I clearly rememeber your saying that it takes a lot of time, you have to make a lot of efforts to speak English fluently and you are getting more and more bored. The matter is that you do not keep up with the latest ways of learning foreign language. The methods you use for learning English are just the tip of the iceberg. There are some online services that will make the process of expanding your vocabulary easier. So, I would like to share some of them that may appeal to you and that are going to work for you:

  • Fraze.it is one of the best tools to explore the words in the context. Thus, you'll be able to build up confidence while using words in different situations and you'll know for sure which is appropriate and which is not. It seems to be clear you will improve your ability to guess the meaning of the certain word from the context.
  • Synonym Finder is the tool that finds synonyms for the word you type in together with providing definitions and examples. This way, after a while you'll be able to find an alternitive to almost every word you use.
  • Memrise is an online learning tool that is based on flashcards. It will help you learn a great deal of new words and keep the record of them.
  • Knoword and TextTwist are services that are both fun and effective way of learning unfamiliar words. Besides, they are easy to use. 
Hope the above mentioned tips will help you learn and find out new words with remarkable ease. 

Best wishes,

2. https://quizlet.com/191583017/english-flash-cards/

3. Fraze.it

Synonym Finder



вторник, 21 февраля 2017 г.

1.If you want to expand your vocabulary, using dictionary seems to be inevitable. Even though this process seems to be as easy as pie, not everyone knows how to make the most of using paper dictionaries. So, here are some main tips that will help you use your dictionary with remarkable ease:

  • If English is a second language for you, it is crucial to use monolingual descriptive dictionary which provides both definitions and examples of usage. 
  • Look up words you hear every day and then look at the words above and below to be sure you understand prefixes. Thus, you will be able to guess the meaning of the word from the context.
  • Try to make some logical sentences using unfamiliar words randomly. However, make them logically connected. So that, it will help you keep the record of them.
  • Find the right dictionary for you. I mean choose not a 50-year-old dictionary for scientists but the one which will give you as much information about the word as possible.
Following the above mentioned tips, sooner or later you're sure to make progress in the process of learning new words. So, know your dictionary, and know yourself, and you'll be victorious in every conversation you have.
2. Even if it doesn't take a lot of time to learn new words, there are some of them that are always difficult to recall. I don't know what mnemonic techniques to use in order to remember the stress of the word "consequence" /ˈkɒnsəkwəns $ ˈkɑːnsə-kwens/ -   something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions. And the word that always slips my mind is "pronunciation"  (the way in which a language or a particular word is pronounced) because the verb is "pronoUnce".
3. Besides there are some pairs of words that at first sight are similar but have different meaning. For instance, "economic" (relating to trade, industry, and the managment of money) and "economical"  (using money, goods etc carefully and without wasting any), "effect"  (a change that is caused by an event, action) and "affect" (to do something that produces an effect or change in something or in someone’s situation).
4. Bruncher - the first meal you eat when you have not had any food (or meals) the whole day until dinner time. 
Shaka - Hawaiian hand gesture. It has many meanings. Originally it means to "hang loose", or to chill and be laid back. 
Hackary - Digital wizardry.